Friday, May 29, 2009

Dinner tonight, Chili Con Carne

Need to figure out what to make for dinner, again - seems to happen every night. Sort of like
the dishes, the laundry, any household chore -mundane and always there, never finished, no matter how often you get everything clean you just need to do it all over again! At least cooking can be fun and rewarding in its own right, so anyway, its cold, rainy and rather dreary on this 'spring' day in the northeast. I want something warm and comforting, thought of beef stew or beef daube or something with red meat in it- called my husband, he wants Chili - so thats what I will do. Easy, yummy and really simple...made sure to buy sour cream (the low-fat actually tastes almost as good as the real thing!) jack cheese, will pick green onions from the garden - only problem with chili is I've already posted this dish to my youtube it is wait that sticks you in youtube, maybe I should embed the thing,lets try

Embedding seems to work better -
At anyrate, if I make this for dinner I'll have nothing new to post, after 240+ cooking videos its getting hard to come up with new stuff, plus my family hungers for repeats. Thats ok - there is always tomorrow for a new cooking video, or the day after that etc. After all each day is a new reason for everyone to ask me "Whats for dinner?".

Soon I need to get my daughter from school -spent the day catching up with bills, cleaning, grocery shopping, dog training with my pup, vet for my older dog - and my husband is coming home early, which while wonderful sort of impacts my normal routine (oh, and I ran 5k this am -need to get back to every day with this)

Along with my chili con carne and garnishes I will serve some blue corn chips with a simple salsa fresca (also featured on my youtube site) to start and then maybe some cut up veggies too. Normally I would also serve the chili with some lovely homemade cornbread (and yes you can watch me make a skillet cornbread on youtube) or if pressed for time, cheat and use a cornbread mix,or even rice or egg noodles - but lately we are watching our carbs, so I'll skip the bread for tonights meal. Off to finish my chili, happy cooking everyone...

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