Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun with kids parties...

Ever since my daughter turned 1, I have had an absolute ball hosting, designing, creating and cooking for her birthday parties (ok, sometimes I hated it - but overall it has been a blast). For the first several years I made a wonderful, yet quite healthy carrot cake - but after 5 years of that she started making requests...
Last year, we made cat cupcakes and served them in a tower...which was lots of fun

Her latest birthday was the first held out of the family home, we booked a pavilion at a local, privately owned and very humanely run zoo. I made all the food, which was wonderful, transporting same was a pain. She had sandwiches shaped like animals in both cream cheese & jelly and turkey bologna and cheese - we all know peanut butter isn't allowed at these events, but the cream cheese mandated a cooler, we survived. For the grand finale I made turtle cupcakes and an Elephant cake ...these, while not my typical gourmet, healthy yet delicious fare, were a ton of fun to make. Here they are:

the turtle cupcakes couldn't be easier. I made a simply yellow cake, but feel free to use a mix. Make sure to fill your cupcake pan at least 3/4 full and use foil or paper liners. Once cool, frost cupcakes with a homemade or store bought chocolate frosting. Now for the fun part: I used large gum drops for most of the heads (in a variety of colors, though you could stick to green for greater realism) I used small gumdrops for a few of the turtles to represent babies. I used cut up chocolate twizzlers for the feet, but tootsie rolls would have worked as well. I used decorater icing for the eyes and mouths and a cut up gum drop for the tail

Sometimes we make fun animal desserts just for fun, she loved the ladybug cookies

Once we made a cantelope into a bunny and served fruit salad in it - not sure where that picture is ...

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