Friday, July 31, 2009

Calzones and more

Hello - My Sister and brother-in-law are coming today! Early this morning I made a basic pizza dough recipe, and after the first rise placed it in a plastic bag in the fridge. Then I made my Italian bread - next I made some hummus and cut up some red, green, yellow and orange peppers to serve with it. Then I made some calzone filling and cooked up some sausages as well...
made some dark chocolate mouse and am now taking a break - soon I will make a salad...
ended up making two kinds of salsas with some chips as a starter - calzones were amazing!
Saturday, I made belguim waffles and a great fruit salad for breakfast - then I can't remember lunch, oh yeah - we went and got an amazing little kitten and had fast food due to traffic and starvation - came home, went to the park for a cook-out, burgers and dogs, homemade coleslaw with my new food processor, watermelon etc
Sunday my husband made these incredible omlets, I made a fabulous pumpkin bread and more fruit salad - my sister and husband left. Easy dinner tonight, faijitas (steak and chicken) leftover salsa and chips - tired now...
Tomorrow I am making stuffed shells, a new salad I came up with but haven't yet tried and homemade chocolate ice cream!!
Oh, in honour of the kitten here is what my daughter did to my veggie platter

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