Friday, September 11, 2009

Simple Pleasures: a toasted cheese sandwich

Its starting get cold already, I made myself a simple cheese sandwich, with Colby cheese and a few tomato slices - with a tomato from my garden a little black pepper - i used rye bread. The secet to avoid getting the cheese soggy from the tomato is to first broil the sanwhich and when its almost done then you put the tomato on

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  1. Hi Maria, I saw your videos on YOU TUBE, i was looking for cheesecake, but i fall in love with the lemon pie...i have to say that i love desserts.
    I don`t speak english well, cause i live in Nicaragua, Central America. i was wondering if i can have the ingredient to make the recepies you do, i understand most of you said, but sometimes i wonder if im not wrong. You can Write you have a Facebook Acount, where i can follow you?

    Thanks again,