Thursday, August 6, 2009


Had a great dinner last night, which would be wonderful for a dinner party also. I made an assortment of different Spanish style dishes, bought some wonderful Spanish cheeses, some marinated mixed olives - and served it up on tiny plates - I made a pizza dough and used it to make some small tart shells which I filled with a bacon, mushroom and onion mixture thickened with a little cream and flour. I also used the dough to make a small loaf of bread - I made some open faced sandwiches with the bread, some dill mayo and a slice of potato and a piece of smoked salmon,
what else? Oh, shrimp in tons of garlic and some red pepper - sardines with tomato on little buns, cubes of boiled potato drizzled with a garlic sauce - and a fabulous veggie medley of cucumber, green pepper, tomato and onion - the Spanish dish calls for marrow - which is a type of squash that I can't get where I live so I substituted zucchini

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