Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have people staying with us, which means lots of extra work - no matter how much you love 'em. I feel like my house has turned into a B&B/restaurant ... and oh the dishes!! Lets see, first night I made a spinach lasagna, caprese salad and my homemade italian bread morning, waffles and a really nice fruit salad, then we had an outdoor bbq at our local park, then I did a quick quiche with some more fruit - last night I made my home made pizza and some homemade peach ice cream -

The quiche was easy, I had planned on a frittata but I didn't have any potatoes and at 6 am its hard to find them - so I went to my local drugstore and got some half&half -now for any quiche if you stick to 4-5 eggs to about 1.5 cups of cream/half and half it should set up nicely. I used what I had, some swiss cheese, some ham, a red pepper and a red onion that i diced and sauted in a little olive oil and thats about it - i used a frozen piecrust, mixed everything together and poured it in the pie crust - placed it on a baking sheet to avoid a mess and baked at 400 for 15 mins, then 350 for about 30 mins. Make sure to let it rest at leat 10 mins after taking it out of the oven

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