Saturday, June 20, 2009

Company dinner - something special

Its Saturday - where did the week go? Had leftovers on Thursday, and take out on Friday.
We are having friends for dinner tonight, and here is my menu:

Bacon and feta and spinach stuffed roasted mushrooms
Veggie platter of colorful bell peppers with hummus
Caprese Salad
Spinach and cheese filled fresh pasta cannelloni
Crispy Italian sausages, hot and sweet
Garlic bread
red and white wine with dinner
Cannoli's, coffee

I have been cooking all morning. Made my twice roasted stuffed mushrooms, made the spinach and cheese filling for my cannelloni- made the egg pasta- its in the fridge and soon I have to roll it out. Need to make some hummus which I will serve with cut up red, yellow, orange and green peppers. Need to make the filling for the cannoli's which we will have for dessert -garlic bread is ready to go in the oven- what else?? Oh - the sausages, hot and sweet Italian I will partially cook these soon, then about 20 mins before serving slice into 1/2 pieces and sear on both sides to get them nice and crispy.

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  1. OMG I would love to come to your house for dinner! That sounds so good and very impressive!!!!!!!