Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Easy dinner

Tired today, went swimming with my daughter - don't really feel like cooking up a storm. I decided to make a simple tomato sauce, use a ton of fresh oregano from my garden to spice it up. I am going to serve that over some penne pasta and make a simple salad. I think I will offer some ricotta cheese to put on top of the sauce - that has to be one of my all time favorite combinations. The hot pasta and sauce topped with the cold ricotta just tastes wonderful to me. I think I will cut up some fresh basil to top the ricotta with. Maybe some garlic bread to. Thats it - easy night. Oh, and maybe some sauteed mushrooms, either in the sauce or on the side?

Thinking about Saturday, I have friends coming for dinner -wonderful couple and they are bringing their little dog too! They don't eat chicken, or care for fish and if memory serves they are also not fond of veal - oh, and no eggs presented in any fashion that doesn't conceal the egg (that is, baked goods using eggs are fine, but a poached or hard boiled egg atop a salad or some such thing is not acceptable)so I need to decide what to make ...

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